Receive over 25 guided Alignment Yoga audio classes to support your home practice. Classes were recorded in 2020.
Receive over 25 guided Alignment Yoga audio classes to support your home practice. Classes are about seventy-five minutes in length, covering a wide range of postures and themes including shoulders, hips, spine, and feet. In each class you are guided through a short meditation followed by a series of yoga postures focused on the class theme and a concluding relaxation. Class instructions are precise and easy to follow along.

These all level classes are a great choice for beginners who want to establish a home practice or experienced students looking to deepen their existing practice as well as teachers wanting ideas to diversify classes.

  • You want to practice on your own schedule.
  • You may be tired of looking at screens and want to be led through a high quality movement practice.
  • You want to age well. As your body changes, you want to move in a way that is optimal for you.
  • Maybe you’re recovering from an injury or dealing with an ailment and you want to have a movement practice that feels both safe and healing.
  • Or maybe the momentum of life feels like it’s pulled you off center and you need something that’s just for you—something that restores your inner stability so that you can go through your days with greater ease and resilience.


  • a deeper connection with your body and your experience in the moment
  • greater understanding of how the body works
  • tools to move better and work through tasks you do in everyday life with greater ease
  • injury prevention and recovery
  • more strength, mobility, and stability
  • tools to better regulate the mind
  • more grounded and open-hearted
  • you can listen on any device or download the classes to use when away from wi-fi

*These classes were recorded in 2020.


"With the fires, we were stuck inside for two full weeks with hazardous air and ash falling from the sky. I haven't done yoga much these last few years (kids, jobs...), but for nearly three weeks now, each morning I do one of your classes before my kids are awake. If I close my eyes it feels like I am back at Mound Street- it is incredibly calming and centering during what has been a really difficult time."
"Andrea is a great teacher because she creates an atmosphere in which everyone is included; movement includes a range of difficulty or "challenge," as she says. I never feel too old, too inexperienced, too anything to practice in her classes.  Andrea's alignment yoga is accessible for all levels of practice." 
“I've been practicing yoga for many years, but I still consider myself a beginner. I was originally drawn to Andrea's classes because we have studied with some of the same teachers. I find great benefit in practicing with Andrea. Her classes are varied and incorporate new movements which have enriched the balance in both mind and body. After each class, I experience more balance and vitality when walking, running, and other physical activities!”

What's included?

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WELCOME | A Note About The Classes
Content of Classes
Liability Release & Disclaimer
Back of Heart and Lower Back Support Practice
(1h 14m 34s)
Back of Heart and Side Body Practice
100 MB
Balance, Hip Work and Twist Practice | Kapha Pacifying
(1h 16m 22s)
Coming into Center and Balance Postures
98.6 MB
Freeing the Hips and Low Back Practice
103 MB
Freeing the Upper Back and Shoulders Practice
(1h 10m 37s)
Half Moon Preparation & Practice
(1h 16m 33s)
Harmonizing Opposites Practice
101 MB
Hip Strength and Mobility Practice
(1h 10m 53s)
Hip Strength and Mobility Practice | Vata Pacifying
105 MB
Hip and Wrist Support for Gardeners (& those on computers)
(1h 15m 30s)
Hip Strength and Mobility and Wrist Support Practice
(1h 15m 31s)
Improve Your Balance Strengthen and Lengthen Your Hamstrings
99.2 MB
Internal and External Shoulder Rotation Exploration
102 MB
Opening the Shoulders and Hips for Bow Pose
98.8 MB
Pitta Pacifying Practice
(1h 12m 38s)
Releasing the Side Body Practice | Pitta Pacifying
(1h 16m 07s)
Releasing the Three Areas Stress is Held
(1h 16m 07s)
Strength and Length for the Spine Practice
98.1 MB
Strong Back Soft Front and Active Twists Practice
(1h 14m 43s)
Squat Preparation and Practice | Vata Pacifying
(1h 14m 36s)
Upper Back, Ribcage, and Shoulders Practice
(1h 13m 00s)
Whole Body Flow I
(1h 14m 59s)
Whole Body Flow II
(1h 15m 29s)
Whole Body Flow III
(1h 13m 28s)
Working On Core Strength Practice
(1h 13m 24s)
Yoga and Somatic Practices to Free the Spine
101 MB