FALL CLEANSE & RESTORE by Andrea Russell


You will receive the materials and guidance you need to partake in a 10-day seasonal Ayurvedic cleanse from the comfort of your own home.


The cleanse is detoxifying and rebalancing physically as well as in an emotional and heart-centering way.

You'll get:
  • a series of orientation videos guiding you through each step of the cleanse program
  • a virtual Fall Wellness workshop to help you understand fall and its impact on the Vata dosha along with rituals and routines to stay grounded and calm (Oct 7th at 7 pm)
  • three live Q&A group video calls to answer any questions you may have along the way (Oct 11, 16 & 21st at 7 pm)
  • guided yoga, pranayama and meditation videos for the fall season
  • all videos are recorded in case you want to watch at your leisure
  • daily emails to support and inspire you through the process
  • a 90 page in depth cleanse handbook with NEW plant-based seasonal recipes created by Andrea Russell & Lauren Montelbano (holistic nutritionist and chef)
  • tips for setting up your kitchen, seasonal food lists, shopping lists, meal plans, detox boosting recommendations, self-care rituals, and daily routine charts
  • mindfulness practices to help you slow down and align with your intentions
  • step-by-step instructions on how to ease off the cleanse
  • access to a private Facebook cleanse group
  • unlimited email support

You'll finish:
  • understanding Ayurveda’s approach to food as medicine
  • having reset your digestive system and improved digestive health
  • with a better relationship with food and new cooking skills
  • with more energy and a metabolism that’s been reset
  • with a boost to your immune system, setting you up for the season to come
  • having given up unhealthy cravings
  • with healthier lifestyle routines and ideas as to how to navigate modern life in a way that feels more balancing, sustaining, and meaningful
  • knowing how to adapt your yoga, pranayama and meditation practices to the season
  • more attuned with the seasons


You will receive the information and guidance you need to partake in a whole-food, plant-based seasonal cleanse from the comfort of your own home.  There are no shakes, fasting, or expensive supplements. You will be eating three meals a day.

Although there are set dates for the cleanse, it’s designed for you to adjust the dates to work best for you. Here’s what the schedule looks like:

Pre-Cleanse: Prepare
Review the cleanse manual. Purchase supplies and prepare your kitchen. Set your intentions.

Main Cleanse
  • Phase 1 Simplify (days 1-4): Enjoy three seasonally aligned plant-based meals per day. Incorporate daily self-care practices and relax into your routine.
  • Phase 2 Purify (days 5-7): Enjoy three meals per day of Ayurveda’s purifying and healing kitchari.  If needed, you can shorten this phase to 1 day or lengthen it to 5 days.
  • Phase 3 Restore (days 8-10): Is for restoring and returning to the seasonally aligned meals of the first phase.

Post Cleanse: Reintegrate
Begin reintegrating a balanced diet step-by-step as you return to your daily activities with increased vitality.

One week prior to the start of the cleanse you’ll get access to a learning platform where you will access all the materials you need to have a successful cleanse.